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Like what you see? We need members! - the more people we have, the more impact we have when we try to raise awareness of circadian disorders with other organizations, the press, the medical community, and the public. Together we have a voice! Join now!

Take Our Survey!

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network has launched its PATIENT POWERED REGISTRY AND SURVEY for people with Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. The registry is open to anyone with a circadian rhythm sleep disorder from any country. You can sign up for the registry and take the survey (it's free) at

By collecting information from a large number of people actually suffering from these disorders, we can stimulate research into causes, treatments, and effects of circadian disorders.

The information you provide can jump-start research on some of the questions we've been asking about for years - but only if enough people participate. Sign up now (free), and please take the survey.

For more information, click here.

Brochures and Other Handouts

Our Brochure

image of brochure cover Our brochure is geared to the general public, to introduce DSPD (DSPS) and Non-24 to people experiencing symptoms of these disorders, and to their families. Please distribute it to anyone who may be interested. Print on lightly colored paper for some color, if you like. We used ivory.

Brochure - web display     Print on US letter size paper, PDF
Print on A4 size paper, PDF

The web display version shows the brochure panels in easy-to-read order. The print versions are meant to be printed out on both sides of a sheet of paper, then folded in thirds, creating a brochure. (In the print version, the panels will appear out of order on-screen.)

Our Q&A Documents (FAQs)

We have posted documents describing DSPD (DSPS) and Non-24, in an easy to read Question-and-Answer format. These are designed to give to family members, friends, employers, and school personnel, to help them understand these disorders. Feel free to print and distribute these. There are two different (but similar) versions, one for DSPD and the other for Non-24:

DSPD Q&A - web     printer     booklet*
Non-24 Q&A - web     printer booklet*

The web formats display nicely in your browser. The printer versions are formatted by your browser for printing a multi-page document. The booklet forms are pre-formatted PDF files that you can print on two sides of a single sheet of paper, which then folds in half into a booklet.
* When printing the booklet, be sure to flip on the short edge (select this option if you have a double-sided printer).

In Other Languages:

Spanish:     DSPS Preguntas y Respuestas - web     printer    
     No-24 Preguntas y Respuestas - web     printer    
German:     DSPS F&A - web     printer    
     Non-24 F&A - web     printer    

Our Basic Fact Sheet

We also have a one page Basic Fact Sheet that introduces DSPD and Non-24 to people who don't know about them. It's a quick and easy read, just the basics.

Our Infographic

infographic thumbnail Former board member and artist Lily Style has created an infographic describing Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. View it in your browser at Feel free to repost the graphic to help raise awareness.

You can print it directly from your browser (we suggest making the browser window full screen - the image will resize). We are also posting JPG images in various proportions for printing directly on different sizes of paper:

You can download these (in Microsoft Windows, right-click and select Save As). To print in Microsoft Windows, right-click on the downloaded file (in File Explorer) and select Print. Or open it in a photo- or image-processing program to use that program's features such as borderless printing.

CSD-N Merchandise

CSD-N mug We had offered merchandise (mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, bumper stickers, and a messenger bag) with our name and logo through CafePress, but our account was closed for lack of activity. We might offer these again at some point, but if no one wants this stuff, there's no point in recreating all the designs.

Niteowl Email List

This is a free mailing list support group for people with DSPS and Non-24 to share their experiences. It's a good place for people just discovering these disorders to hear how others deal with them, as well as for long-time participants to get support and to provide support to others. There are often discussions of evolving treatment, useful to all. For further information, and to sign up, go to

Note that membership in Circadian Sleep Disorders Network and membership on this email list are completely separate.


Circadian Sleep Disorders Network is affiliated with this email list, and our volunteers assist the list administrator with some chores. CSD-N was formed by participants on this list, and many of our members post regularly. But we have no control over what appears or who can join, and list membership is completely separate from membership in CSD-N.


Once you've signed up for the list, you post by sending an email to Everyone on the mailing list receives that post as an email, and you receive everyone else's posts as emails. If you don't like to get separate emails, you can opt to receive in digest form, typically one email a day containing all the day's posts. You make that selection after signing up by logging in (using the password you created when signing up for the email list) at


There are some rules:
The rules that the list software enforces are

One frequent problem is that people with more than one e-mail account try to send from an address that isn't registered as a member here. An infrequent problem is that a few e-mail providers aren't accepted at all so another e-mail account must be (acquired and) used. gmail generally works well.

An additional rule is PLEASE do not just reply to a message with a subject line containing "Niteowl Digest, Vol xxx, Issue xxx". That is obviously not informative and if you aren't careful you may include the whole list of messages in the Digest, making your message too large for the list.

Digest or not, it is a good idea to trim whatever you are replying to leaving just enough for people to know what you are replying to.

Of course, don't be snippy or insulting, and please take off-topic conversations off-list. And no advertising.


Once you've signed up for the list, you can also browse previous posts in the archive at

There is also a mirror of the archive on Yahoo at This is useful when the primary archives are not working, as sometimes happens. Login to your Yahoo account, or create one (free) - link is at the top right on that page. Then you have to join the Yahoo copy of the list - this is separate from signing up for the list itself - there is a button on the Yahoo page to do this.


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Links to Other Pages and Other Sites

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network does not necessarily agree with the content on other sites that we link to.

Some links have been moved to other pages, where they seem to belong. For example, treatment related links are on the Treatments page. If you don't see something here, please look further, or use the Search box above.

For a list of recently added references (since the last newsletter), see Recently Added References (members only).

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Circadian Sleep Disorders
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Non-Technical Articles

Research Papers

Research Papers - Adverse Effects

Classification of CRSDs

Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder (DSPD/DSWPD/DSPS)

Also see additional articles above under CRSDs

Non-Technical Articles

Research Papers

Prevalence of DSPD:

Technical articles on genetic differences:

Articles Focusing on Adolescents or Children

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder

Also see additional articles above under CRSDs

Non-Technical Articles

Research Papers

Treatment of DSPS and Non-24

Personal Stories

These stories are in the words of the people submitting them. We do not verify the information they contain, and do not judge their applicability to others. What works for some may not work for others.



Special Topics of Interest, by Our Members

Talks, Papers, and Meetings on Behalf of CSD-N

In reverse chronological order:

Sample Letters

Several members have contributed letters which they or their doctors have written in support of accommodation for CRSDs. We include them here in case they can be of use to others. Names have been changed or removed. They are provided as guidance, but will generally have to be rewritten to suit your individual circumstances.

You must be a member of Circadian Sleep Disorders Network to access these.
You may join here.

For Monitoring or Charting Your Sleep; Misc Apps


Monitoring Sleep

Most of these devices track wrist movement and infer sleep/wake from that. They are likely not very accurate for many individuals. In some case the accuracy quoted refers to the accuracy of movement detection, not of sleep detection. At best they do not directly detect sleep stages but only infer them from motion or heart rate.

Monitoring Core Body Temperature

We have not used or evaluated these devices.

Monitoring Melatonin Level

see our list on our Treatments page

Calculating Non-24

Measuring Reaction Time


Accommodation and Disability

US Information



Jobs with Flexible Hours

Please see our Jobs page.


College-specific references are in the next section

School - College and Beyond

see also previous section

Disability Income

UK Information


Sleep Organizations


U.S. and Global

Outside the U.S.

Specific Sleep Disorders

Other groups concerned with circadian sleep differences

Rare Disease Organizations

You can find Non-24 here (DSPS is not rare enough)

General Sleep Information

Sleep - General

Circadian Rhythm


Non-Technical Articles

Daylight Saving Time (DST) and Related Topics

Testing for Circadian Phase

Research Papers

Circadian Rhythm Involvement in Other Disorders

see also under Adverse Effects above

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

See also under Circadian Rhythm Involvement in Other Disorders above

General Effects

Eating and Weight




For information about melatonin, please see Melatonin on our Treatments page.


In The News

the following are old, and will be relocated or deleted in time

Recently Added References

This is a list of refences added to our Info page since the last newsletter. The newsletter lists references added since the previous newsletter. These lists are generally available to members only.

Websites Link to CSD-N

We have asked other sleep- and health-related web sites to add a link to the CSD-N website, so interested people could learn more about circadian sleep disorders. That also helps our search ranking, making it easier for others to find us. Sites which have linked to us include:

In addition,, which was no longer being maintained, now forwards their traffic to us.

You can help: email other websites with a request to link to Circadian Sleep Disorders Network at Please use this primary address when suggesting links, not the shortcut.

More to come - this page keeps growing!

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