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Changes on the Board

Edward Grandi was appointed by vote of the board (Oct 2) to fill the vacancy left by departing board member Darren Hill. Ed is a past Executive Director of the American Sleep Apnea Association, and his experience in running a sleep non-profit should prove valuable to us.

Newly elected (Dec 2013) Board members Asli Kumcu and Andrew Wall joined the CSD-N Board of Directors on Jan 15, 2014. The Board has re-elected Peter Mansbach as president and Beth Macdonald as secretary. Andrew Wall has been elected treasurer. James Fadden remains as vice president, until/unless the Board selects a new VP.

Newsletters - The Circadian

Vol 3 No 3 - September 2014
Vol 3 No 2 - June 2014
Vol 3 No 1 - January 2014

Vol 2 No 3 - November 2013
Vol 2 No 2 - August 2013
Vol 2 No 1 - February 2013

Vol 1 No 3 - December 2012
Vol 1 No 2 - November 2012
Vol 1 No 1 - October 2012


Tell NIH to add CRSDs to their website (Jan-Feb 2014)
Tell NSF to Add DSPD (May 2013)
Please Write NSF [edited from original] (Apr 2013)

Board meeting minutes

Meeting beginning Jan 15, 2014
Meeting beginning Sept 15, 2013
Meeting beginning May 15, 2013
Meeting beginning Jan 15, 2013
Meeting beginning Sept 15, 2012
Meeting beginning May 15, 2012
Meeting beginning Jan 2, 2012
Meeting beginning Nov 29, 2011
Meeting beginning Nov 15, 2011

Board Calendar

Calendar of regular yearly board events and obligations

Financial Statements

2013 Financial Statement
2012 Financial Statement
2011 Financial Statement
2011 Expenses

IRS Tax Exempt Status

IRS Determination Letter (notification from IRS)
Form 1023 (Application for Tax Exempt Status)
Attachment to Form 1023
Articles of Incorporation

Tax Forms

2013 US Income Tax (990-N e-postcard)
2014 Maryland Property Tax (public portion)*
2012 US Income Tax (990-N e-postcard)
2013 Maryland Property Tax (public portion)*
2011 US Income Tax (990-N e-postcard)
2012 Maryland Property Tax (public portion)*
* We have to file these, but as a tax-exempt charitable organization, we do not pay any Maryland property tax.
Maryland 2012 covers tax year 2011, corresponding to US 2011, etc.

Sample Letters

Several members have contributed letters they or their doctors have written. We include them here in case they can be of use to others. Names have been changed or removed. They are provided as guidance, but will generally have to be rewritten to suit your individual circumstances.

Requirements for Directors and Officers

Information for Board Members


Motions Passed by the Board

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